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Jerry W. Fuqua

I'm a Bucks County photographer. Actually, I'm a nature & wildlife photographer who makes his home in Bucks County (PA) with my wife, four dogs and two cats. I photograph what is interesting to me. I'm not a travel photographer nor a photojournalist, but document my vision of the path I have traveled. I try to capture the world that one can see during their everyday life.

I started photographing in 1965 with a Kodak 35, 35mm rangefinder camera, c1940. I bought it at a pawn shop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota . I’ve worked as a photographer and darkroom tech for a newspaper in suburban Minneapolis during the 70's. I studied photography at Bucks County Community College. In the early 1980’s my work was shown in a number of juried photo shows. By the late 1980’s I was busy making a living and I did little photography. I retired in 2007 and started shooting again.

TO PURCHASE SIGNED CUSTOM PRINTS PLEASE CONTACT ME AT jwfuquaphoto@gmail.com All prints are individually printed by me, using a professional printer, inks and archival quality paper.

IMPORTANT: All of my photographs are copyright protected © All rights reserved. Do not reproduce, re-post, redistribute or use in any way without my express written permission. If you wish to make use of one of my images, please email me at jwfuquaphoto@gmail.com to discuss.
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