Winter in Bucks County - jwfuqua-photography
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Chez Odette

Odette Myrtil, who played Bloody Mary in "South Pacific" on Broadway, opened Chez Odette’s in the early sixties, when New Hope was the center of a star-studded universe. The Bucks County Playhouse was a testing ground for Broadway productions, and it drew some of the biggest actors at the time. When the shows let out, those celebrities typically headed for Chez Odette’s, where the cocktails flowed freely and the sing-alongs around the piano extended deep into the night. On the evening of Sunday, October 23, 1983, NBC news anchor Jessica Savitch had a date with Martin Fischbein, Vice President of the New York Post. They dined at Chez Odette. Fischbein drove out the wrong exit and up the towpath of the old Delaware Canal. He veered too far to the left and the car went over the edge into the shallow water. The station wagon fell about 15 feet and landed upside-down, sinking into deep mud which sealed the doors shut, trapping the occupants inside as the water poured in. Rescuers found Fischbein's body still strapped behind the wheel, and Savitch and Chewy's in the rear. Odette's is now closed after being underwater three times during the floods of 2005 and 2006.

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